Touchscreen LED RGB Bulb Set


Kit Contains: 1 x RGB Lamps & 1 Touchscreen Remote Control

This is a high tech Touch Screen Remote control RGB LED Bulb with the most advanced PWM control technology, having 64k colours 20 automatic changing modes to choose from.

There is also a Power off memory feature which retains the last setting when switched off.

Any number of bulbs can be linked with up to four remotes so they can be utilized anywhere in the home whether for ambient mood or dynamic party lighting.

The Remote operates by RF (radio frequency) so can be used to control numerous bulbs at once with a range of up to 20m and doesn’t require line of sight to operate as with IR (infra red) remotes.

A range of White colours is amongst the numerous other shades so can be used as normal lighting as well.

Comes standard with a E27 screw base but we can provide adaptors for other fittings at a cost of $7.50.

Any colour may be selected with the touch Screen colour wheel or choose an automatic colour changing, scrolling, flashing or strobing feature to set it too.

Brightness and speed can also be freely adjusted.

  • 240 volts AC
  • 6 watts of long life RGB LEDs
  • 2 year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extra Bulbs available
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