RGB LED Rigid Strip IP65 Rated 1m


This RGB LED strip encased in alloy extrusion and filled over with epoxy resin is sleek and strong at only 12 x 7mm.

Being RGB it can emmit the full 7 colours plus via a controller can dim, flash, colour chase, colour fade, auto programme colour changing and more.

It has a plug at both ends and can be connected to make up to a 5m length.

Can be cut in half and still have a connector pre fitted or even smaller and add a connector.

At 14.4 watts per meter of bright SMD5050 chips a meter puts out heaps of light so luckily is dimmable.

This rigid strip has so many indoor and outdoor uses in the automotive, caravanning, camping, home and business and is so easy to mount via the free clips supplied or by using 3M tape on the back to mount.

2 year warranty on this product as its sold.

12 volt power supply not included.

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