280w 8 Pod Long LED Growlight With Latest X2 Lens Optic Superdeal


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This X2 Super Power series LED Grow light is turning the indoor Horticulture industry on its head.

  • With the latest X2 LED Optic Lens Technology combined with High power 3w LED clusters set in 35w pods that are interchangeable within all the X2 series.
  • The obvious benefits of low heat output and low power consumption. This unit is equivalent to approx. 1000w of Metal Halide lamp.

There’s an X2 series Grow light for every application and because in most cases they are working lights they become an asset not a liability.

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Sizes Available

  • 35w single pod units (round)
  • 140w four pod units (square)
  • 210w six pod units (rectangle)
  • 280w eight pod units (oblong)
  • 315w nine pod units (square)
  • 560w sixteen pod units (square)

2 year warranty.

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