100w LED High Bay Light, Bridgelux Chip


This 100w HighBay Light will replace an existing 500w energy sucking existing Ballast light.

  1. High density multi-chip LED Light Source
  2. High LED efficiency of 80 lumens / watt
  3. Efficient housing design results in 90% light utilisation
  4. Simple, generous and light.
  5. Excellent thermal management
  6. Wide voltage input and constant current design.
  7. Instant on/off, no UV /flicking

Low power consumption and NO maintanace make this perfect for those hard to access places.

It comes with a 90* shield and Highest quality Bridgelux LED chip.

2 year warranty

Cool White in colour

AC 230 volt input with plug attached

8,000 – 9000lm output

WE HAVE 50, 80, 100 & 120watt HIGH BAY LIGHTS.



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